XS Energy Drink- Variety is King

XS energy drink is one of the most distinctive on the market. Instead of mimicking their main competition (i.e. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, etc...


XS Energy DrinkXS energy drink is one of the most distinctive on the market. Instead of mimicking their main competition (i.e. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, etc.) they’ve created their own unique niche–variety. That’s right, the XS energy drink doesn’t come in just one bland flavor. They offer an array of delicious tastes that’ll be sure to please your pallet.

Here are just some of the flavors XS offers:

1.) Cherry Blast–lightly sweetened cherry flavor which does a great job at masking the artificial sweetener and gives it a crisp taste.

2.) Electric Lemon Blast–the sweetest of the bunch; reminds me of Sprite.

3.) Tropical Blast–a fruit-filled flavor that reminds me of Hawaiian Punch, but less sweet.

4.) Tea Berry Typhoon–combines a unique blend of green and black teas complimented by a nice berry flavor. It’s invigorating, but not very sweet.

5.)Cranberry-Grape–a refreshing combination of cranberry and grape flavors; a very natural taste with a tart edge.

The list goes on and on; these are just the flavors I’ve tried. The multi-flavor initiative has proven to be a massive success. In 2004, sales of XS Energy Drink grew to nearly four million cases with revenues of $79 million and revenues are projected to be near $90 million for 2005.

Another interesting route XS decided to take was exclusively using splenda and other sugar-free sweeteners in their energy drinks. Most other brands load up on high fructose corn syrup, but not XS. This makes them extremely attractive to people trying to reduce their sugar and carbohydrate intake while still drinking something flavorful.

Furthermore, they include a blend of natural herbs to strengthen the potency of their energy drink. These herbs include: eleutherococcus senticosus, panax ginseng, panax quinquefolium, echinacea purpurea, schisandra, astragalus, and reishi

With so many flavors available, and many more on the way, XS has ensured you’ll never get bored with their energy drink.


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XS Energy Drinks – A Story in Photos and Videos


It’s no  secret that I’ve recently become obsessed with XS Energy drinks. :D It’s  a good obsession, though!

Here are some visuals that, while they don’t obviously capture the taste, at least somewhat capture the feel of XS.

Here are some great XS Photos:

XS WaterfallXS Energy Drink & HelperXS Energy DrinkXS Energy DrinkXS Energy Drink at the LincXS at IAH

And some great XS Videos!

Stamped Concrete Patio


You can’t go wrong with a stamped concrete patio if you’re looking to beautify your outdoor area, while at the same time creating a long-lasting and durable living space.

When you take a concrete patio to the next level by adding the decorative element of making it a stamped concrete patio, you are adding an embellishment that will pay for itself many times over.

Of course, many people might think that, if you want to beautify the surface of your patio floor, tiles are the way to go.  And, yes, of course tiles are beautiful.  But they have less than a quarter of the lifespan of a stamped concrete patio floor!  Not to mention, with the stamped concrete option, the maintenance and upkeep is significantly less than with any other option of equal beauty and design aesthetic.

It’s true – for the perfect balance between lovely and functional, you absolutely can’t make a better choice than a stamped concrete patio.

Stamped Concrete Patio Videos

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Cheap Ugg Boots Online


If you’re looking for cheap ugg boots online, then you are obviously someone who cares about both style and being financially responsible.

Ugg boots have a very distinctive aesthetic look, and you would definitely never mistake them for any other brand of boot! They have been embraced by celebrities and other cool people as THE footwear to be wearing, mainly because of their comfort and their ineffable “cool” quality.

The only problem that comes along with Ugg boots being so hip and trendy is that they tend to have a price tag that matches that status level! Meaning – they are expensive!

However, that is the very reason why you need to look for cheap Ugg boots online. By finding good deals on Ugg boots using the internet, you can have trendy Ugg boots at a discount shoe price!

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Spice Racks Wall


There are many are many reasons why a wall spice rack makes the most sense out of the many different types of spice racks that you choose for your kitchen.

First of all, many smaller dwellings such as apartments or cottages have very limited counter space in the kitchen. Therefore, the standard rotating spice rack which sits on a counter, or even the shallow model which is meant to be pressed back against the backsplash will not work in these kitchens because of the lack of counter space.

Another reason why a wall hanging spice rack is a good idea is behind you can affix it to the wall at whatever height is convenient for you. You can put it high next to other pots and pans, or you can put it exactly at arm height to make your spices within easy reach. You can also opt for putting it on the wall directly in your line of sight to make the labels quicker to read when you’re looking for a particular spice.

When it comes to spice racks wall spice racks are often the absolute most intelligent choice.

Rieker Shoes for Women


Rieker Shoes for women are known as the “anti-stress” shoe.  This is absolutely the truth, on many levels!

First of all, they are specifically constructed to work with the shape and physiology of your feet in order to make walking as enjoyable as possible, and put as little pressure on your joints as possible.  They feel like walking on a cloud!

Secondly, they are designed to be very aesthetically pleasing.  You won’t have to struggle to fit them in with your existing wardrobe, they will look beautiful with any clothing you choose to pair them with.  Even if you keep your outfit itself low key, your Rieker shoes are attractive enough to become the star of the ensemble.

You really can’t get much better than Rieker shoes for women in terms of quality, construction, and overall beauty.  You should pick up a pair today – every woman should!

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Track Lighting Fixtures


Track lighting fixtures have long been thought to have only one application – highlighting artwork.  That is far from the case nowadays!

You can use track lighting to accent artwork, still, of course – but there are many uses.  Whether you want to use track lighting for visual appeal, to give your space a contemporary flair, or to provide lighting in a space such as a closet, where there is a utilitarian use for a compact yet directable lighting source, track lighting is the way to go.

Track lighting now comes in all varieties of shape, color, texture, and mood.  When it comes to the progress that track lighting has made since the inception of its popularity in the seventies and eighties, it has taken a page from Virginia Slims’ book in saying, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

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Visual Comfort Lighting


Visual Comfort Lighting is an elegant way to light your homes. For more than twenty years, they have provided families, businesses and other establishments with the most luxurious looks through their designer pieces made by the well-known names in the industry. Their products come in a wide range of designs that span from traditional to contemporary.

Visual comfort lighting is where form and function come together to bring art to life. Using brass, bronze, nickel, silver and chrome, ceramics and porcelains, classic enamels, forged irons, woods, glass, silk, linen, and parchment papers, they create the most exquisite pieces that make their products true to their name. Their products are carefully crafted to suit your taste.

They carry collections from the most influential names in style: Michael S. Smith, Barbara Barry, Susan Kassler, Alexa Hampton, Clodagh, Bill Blass, Thomas O’Brien and Eric Cohler. All of them are dedicated to helping you create that dream home and realizing your dreams of living in comfort and style.

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IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier


Have you been considering the IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier to address your air filtration needs?  If so, then congratulations, it’s a great choice.  There are a lot of situations where you might find yourself needing higher air quality in your environment.  You or your children, for instance, might suffer from respiratory distress, allergies, or asthma.  In those health situations, air quality can be paramount to maintaining, not only comfort, but life itself!

What Makes the IQAir HealthPro Plus The Best?

If you’ve tried any amount of consumer Air Filtration systems, you know that they are not all created equal.  In fact, it’s a distinct possibility that you will not have been able to find one that works at all!

Most air purifying systems are noisy and ineffective.  Thank goodness this is not the case with the IQAir HealthProPlus!

The HealthProPlus model filters out germs, allergens, and odors from the air – as opposed to the HealthPro model, which simply filters out germs and allergens but not odors.

It comes on convenient rollers that enable you to place it centrally in the home during the day and then roll it directly next to your bed to filter the air close to you as you sleep.

This model comes with strength settings so you can adjust for different situations – place it on the most powerful setting for ultimate filtration power, or on a lower setting for gentle and quiet, yet still effective, operation.

Why is the IQAir so much more powerful than other consumer models?  Well, you get what you pay for.  While the price tag may indeed seem shocking at first, it’s important to remember that these same units are used in hospitals and computer clean rooms.  They cost a lot because they’re worth a lot.  And, as the wise man says, quality will without fail cost you more, but it is without fail worth the cost.

Rawlings Baseball Gloves


Improve Your Game with a Rawlings Baseball Glove

What makes an athlete good are not the clothes or equipment that he or she uses, but the skills that he or she possesses. However, this does not mean that clothes and equipment do not significantly help. On the contrary, lots of funds and research have been devoted to the development of ways to make clothes and equipment enhance the performance of athletes. The results of which include top-of-the-line equipment such as the Rawlings baseball gloves.

Backed up with more than a century of experience, Rawlings has been producing baseball clothing and equipment since 1887. Almost as old the sport itself, the company continues to put extensive effort into improving performance by providing athletes with the most comfortable and most technologically advanced clothing and equipment. In fact, as a testament to the quality of the company’s products, the Rawlings baseball gloves continue to be the most popular gloves in the market. Here are some of the reasons why.

Extensive experience

With 123 years of experience in producing baseball equipment and apparel, Rawlings has mustered the design and production of high quality products. Rest assured that purchasing a Rawlings baseball glove means getting the best-known and most respected baseball glove available in the market. Rawlings has been making baseball gloves for many years now and whether you get one from their expensive lines or more affordable versions, these Rawlings baseball gloves are sure to be handed down for generations.

Their gloves are most admired for their comfort and safety features; products of Rawlings’ extensive experience in making baseball gloves. Rawlings’ has been the official supplier of baseballs to the major leagues since 1977, a testament to the product’s reliability and excellent workmanship.

Technological advancements and Wide Range of Options

Despite the presence of Rawlings baseball gloves in the market since 1887, their products have kept up with many advancements in design and technology. Their efforts to innovate and improve baseball gloves resulted to 24 different Rawlings baseball glove series: Primo, Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide, Heart of the Hide Dual Core, Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh, Heritage Softball, Gold Glove Limited Edition, Gold Glove, Gold Glove Softball, Gold Glove Pro Taper, The Bull Series, Sandlot, Pro Series, Champion, Champion Fast Pitch, Fast Pitch Series, Player Preferred, Rawlings Custom Series, Renegade, Playmaker, Players Series, All-American, Triple Play, and Lightning.

The glove series come in different materials, target players, patterns, and prices. This ensures that the glove you will be getting has been made to address the needs of the player who will be using it, from a little boy who is just starting to learn baseball to a professional baseball player.


Aside from the customizability of the 24 different series of baseball gloves, Rawlings also allows you to build your very own custom glove. If, despite the numerous options of gloves that Rawlings offers, you still cannot find the gloves that are for you, designing your own is as easy as 1-2-3.

You start off by choosing a basic glove that you would like to customize, then you are given the option to personalize your glove by choosing your preferred lace color and adding your name or flag. For those who would like their names engraved on the glove, Rawlings also offers this service in different lettering styles. Lastly, an option to choose your nameplate color and to add your name is also given.

Many people love playing baseball, so it’s not surprising that getting a baseball glove that would help you in learning and mastering the game is very important. Although even the best baseball glove out there could not instantly make you a pro, it could help you live up to your baseball dreams potential.