Body Glove Bikini

For women there’s one yearly event that terrifies us more than any-thing else. That’s the dreaded trip to the swimwear shop to purchase a new biki...

For women there’s one yearly event that terrifies us more than any-thing else. That’s the dreaded trip to the swimwear shop to purchase a new bikini. It’s hard to find any woman who loves everything about her body. Most of us have some-thing to complain about whether it’s our thick thighs, an extra roll around the middle or a bottom that just seems too big. Trying swimsuit after swim suit on is infuriating. That need not be the case if you consider purchasing a Body Glove bikini. This company, known for the Body Glove wetsuit, has designed a line of ladies’s swimwear that fits every body type.

A 20-year old is clearly going to have her choice of almost every swim suit out there. That’s likely not the case with some-one twice her age who has given birth & indulged in not enough exercise & too many desserts. There is a Body Glove two piece bathing suit perfect for both & almost every woman will be thrilled by the expectation of wearing a two piece swimsuit to the pool or the beach.

Economically speaking this line of swimwear offers an incredible advantage to the budget conscious woman. When you are shopping for a Body Glove bikini you’ll be pleased to realize that they’re all mix & match. This means that you can buy one top that matches a wide selection of bikini bottoms. For a woman, & there are many of us, who are one size on top & a different size on the bottom, this is a dream-come-true.

Together with the standard string two piece bathing suit there are also many other styles available from this manufacturer. For a woman who needs a little extra support up top, there is a Body Glove two piece swimsuit top that resembles a halter. It has a band that fits under the breasts for support and offers wider straps. This can totally change how a woman who is heavier set feels in a swim suit. She’ll no longer have to worry about it coming off or shifting so she’s exposed.

The exact same is true of the bottoms. Not all women can pull off a tiny, string two piece swimsuit bottom. One really tantalizing Body Glove two piece bathing suit bottom is created to hide a small tummy bulge. There’s an extra piece of material that fits over the bottom to resemble a small mini-skirt. When a curvy woman puts it on, she’ll be amazed at how well it conceals her tummy. This is a must have for all new moms who are still getting back in shape but want to enjoy the beach in the mean-time.

When it relates to color there are just so many options. White is a favorite among the deeply tanned, as is black. A Body Glove two piece swimsuit in either of these colours will show off rich brown skin. For a more adventurous sun-bather there are blue, green, pink, coral & even colored patterns to choose from. The biggest problem a woman will find when she shops for one of these cute bathing suits is not how it looks. It’s which one of the wonderful colors and styles should she choose. They are just all so attractive.

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